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98 MK3 Jetta w/2002 MK3.5 Cabrio Front end

Here's a recent pic of our Jetta with a couple of mods, tinted windows and a Dodge antennae.

Our Jetta is completely stock.
Our Jetta does have new 14" tires from walmart.
The rear of our Jetta will remain the same. Maybe do a corrado wing conversion we'll see.


This isn't the way we started our conversion but if we were to start over this is the way we would do it. 

The first thing needed to be done is to remove the 98 Jetta fenders. We had all of the Cabrio parts pulled off already so next we sent all the parts to be painted, this included the fenders, hood, bumper with bump strip, grill insert and both outside mirrors. Next we tried the Cabrio radiator support and front bumper reinforcement as they are bolted together. Didn't work so we went back to the Cabrio to compare and noticed that it didn't have the bottom radiator support our Jetta has. Everything else looked the same. So we pull the metal bottom radiator support off of our Jetta and try fitting the Cabrio radiator support again. Here we notice that the 2 outer bumper reinforcement holes didn't line up and it appears that the Cabrio doesn't have the tow hook provision like the Jetta because the Cabrio's bumper reinforcement doesn't have the hole for the tow hook. So now we need to drill the Cabrio bumper reinforcement for the 2 outer frame bolts and the tow hook. Once the drilling was complete we again try our Cabrio radiator support and the bumper reinforcement bolted right up but the top of the radiator support would not. We start looking and notice that the top outer headlight mount point hits the Jetta fender rail. So we pull out the tin snips notch and trim the rail. Now everything bolted right up.

We weren't very detailed in pulling off or installing the body parts because it's very simple and only basic hand tools are needed.  See pics for additional info.    

Here we have most everything pulled off and have the cabrio hood on and the fender rails untrimmed.
Here we are starting to drill our holes.
Here you can see the Harbor Freight unibit we used to enlarge the drilled holes.
The tow hook hole was the hardest to drill we used an air tool w/ a worn down 3" disc.
Almost done.
Heres a pic of the Jetta's radiator support. We used a jack to support the engine and pulled it off.
Here it is on the car now we need the Cabrio radiator support bolted back together.
Here's a better view of the tow hook hole. We will not use it, the Cabrio bumper cover has no hole.
Here's how we got our holes perfectly alighned to the Cabrio bumper reinforcement.
We simply rubbed a pencil over the Jetta holes and transfered it to the Cabrio bumper.
Trimmed fender rail.
Trimmed fender rail.
Coming together
Another take.
Before final assembly we will clean up the holes and any bare metal we made and paint.


If the weather holds we should finish our conversion within the week.


Pics of when we bought our 98 Jetta K2