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2004 1.8T GLI Lagoon Blue


Mods to date include R32 front brakes, R32 steering Wheel, R32 leather heated seats, R32 Pedals, R32 Dimpled dash, R32 floor mats. Neuspeed intake and a Neuspeed chipped ECU, EPMtuned leds through out very bright and long lasting. Euro headlight switch and a small turbo badge on the rear. It also has poly bushings in the front control arms and a Bilstien/Neuspeed spring and strut/shock suspension.  Also has an oettinger front grill and a rear lip spoiler. A boost machine MBC. Believe thats it.

Now for some performance enhancing mods. This is the wifes car so I have to be carefull about drivabilty the APR software needs to deliver because if the low fuel lite comes on that means pull over right now at the very next gas station if the check engine comes on it's time to trade it in and it won't be a VW because she dislikes the looks of the MK5,MK6 they look like Hondas she says. So with that in mind we chose APR for her GLI with a few of our own tricks. APR advertises 340 HP w/93 octane gas. We are looking for 360+ maybe even limiting boost due to the stock rods. Mainly looking for a fun car to drive with rock solid drivability for her and keeping fuel efficiency at max levels. May due rods later and max out the GT28RS with our own tricks.    

1.8T APR Stg3+ installation

Climatronic install