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The right way to take out the rear beam bushings on our 1990 Corrado


We are doing this write up on this subject because when we decided to do a rear beam bushing job on our Corrado and we were at a loss. We pulled the beam off got it to our picnic table and then started scratching our head. We knew not to use a hammer we don't want to teak the beam tried a puller, different ways and nothing the bushing was not even budging at all. We made several phone calls to our mechanic friends looked on the internet and did not like the way it was being done so we came up with our one idea.

We feel this will be the preferred method by anyone that has to do this job from the average Joe Blow, to the experienced professional, and us.

We have done this job and figured out how to take out the rear beam bushings easily and without any special tools and no damage to the rear beam at all, and in no time at all. In fact if you follow our procedure probably 15 min. or less per side. A documented right up with pics to follow soon.