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EPMtuned swivel water necks

 (Generation 3) swivel waternecks.

04-25-12 new update... This is the latest revision for product improvement.

 We have been working closely with our machinist, due to the revision of our new water necks we had to retool all our jigs, we are again very excited about our new design should not be long now.

We are doing this to bring our customers the nicest waterneck that we can possible come up with.

Pics and more info coming

 Our water necks will swivel for perfect alignment to your radiator hose and will fit any Corrado G60 or Corrado VR6 radiator. We went all the way with these no expense spared. We are making each and every water neck as if we were putting it on our own vehicles. Quality fit and finish is # 1 along with the craftsmanship that is involved in making them. The material involved is also tops. The main body of the waterneck is 6061 aluminum and so is the water jet cut flange, we tig weld these in house and use nothing less than all stainless steel hardware including the polished snap rings or clips. 

We are Corrado enthusiasts and decided to share our Corrado experience and produce some for fellow enthusiasts.



Here is the 3 Gen. water neck these are 2 piece water necks, the flange comes off. This is better for us since the weld comes so close to the flange and the flange gets burned and melted in the end it was not a very good looking piece. These new redesigned water necks do not have that problem at all in fact we plan on highly polishing the flange and water neck to produce a very durable and economical water neck compared to the plastic one. After welding both 45's the flange is slipped on and held on by a hidden Stainless Steel e-clip, this is done for 2 reasons 1 for the welding and 2 for the swiveling feature very helpful when doing say a 16v turbo conversion where the water neck may need to be repositioned for better realignment to the water hose.

Again we warranty these for a lifetime but we don't see any coming back. The amount of heat the tig welding process produces is tremendously high. Your car will never come close to this amount of heat.  We are so pleased with this final rendition that we think we will not need another redesign of the water neck. This is what they will look like we just need to weld more up. This one is sold.

More pics coming

In Stock as long as the Buy Now button is up. Pricing includes shipping.

How to install an EPMtuned Swivel Water Neck

Home of the only swivel water neck availiable.