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Build Projects


A complete list of mods coming. For starters this GLI has a Neuspeed/Bilstein suspension with a-arm poly bushings. Autometer Cobalt Boost guage in a Dual column mount guage pod. In process of installing R32 Konig heated leather seats F/R, R32 Dash complete with Climatronic install. 



Here we will be documenting our latest build it's a 1998 MK3 Jetta K2. This is my personal daily driver. I chose this Jetta K2 for several reasons which we will go into later, here I just want to post the latest. Our Jetta K2 will be receiving a few 2002 Cabrio items. The 2002 Cabrio is essentially an Mk3 with Mk4 updates. Our main mod to our Jetta K2 will be doing a front end conversion from the 2002 Cabrio. The 2002 Cabrio has an updated front end similar to a MK4. The fog lights and turn signals are all integrated into the more aerodynamic headlights. This will give our Jetta K2 a revised look. This was just a quick update stay tuned.


02 337
We will document the installation of ECS Tuning's STG.V Big Brake kit.
All 3 of VF Engineering's engine mounts
Samco Coolant hose install
Samco Turbo Induction hose install
Samco Boost hose install 
and MUCH MUCH more



90 Corrado G60
We are currently in the process of installing a BBM ported and polished head on our G60.
At the same time also installing a BBM fuel rail and adjustable FPR and a lysholm supercharger.
Brospeed Header
An array of Autometer Guages
Front H&R Coilovers w/EPM front VR6 Strut bearings w/HD Bushings
Rear H&R coilovers w/poly Bushings  
Neuspeed Sways & Ties
This G60 has numerous mods.


Click pick for our Build-up from stock to a well tuned Stg.V G60 


Follow along on our install of a G60 brake upgrade, Bilstein PSS9 coilovers, front and rear Neuspeed sways and new factory wheels on this 92 16V GTI. 
 Much more to come.


We are almost done gathering all the rare and hard to find parts and equipment for our GTI.

1990 Corrado G60 write up