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Ross Machine Racing intake manifold


The Ross Machine Racing intake manifold is our next upgrade. It was carefully chosen for our GTI from other intakes out on the market because it looks awesome and we believe it's the best. We are excited to do this mod because it will finally enable us to get our Fuel Pressure gauge and Boost  gauge installed and working for our dual column gauge pod. 

Here is a pic off Ross's site, this is what it looks like although ours will be polished.



Although it took a while we have this intake and it's being installed in our GTI at the moment. We are making a bracket and a few other pieces out of aluminum to make our install a bolt on. Stay tuned for pics and info on our install.

A word about our intake THIS THING IS F__C_ING AWESOME!!!

We were blown away by the engineering and craftsmanship that went into this intake it is absolutely the best 1.8T intake money can buy, it is beautifull and cleans up the engine bay.

We chose the large port intake for our small port head because we will be using a Evolution Tuning phenolic spacer CNC machined to make a smooth transition from the large intake ports (Manifold) to the small intake ports (Cylinder head).

The 1.8T engine has many vaccuum lines and one coolant line that has to be re-routed in addition to the fuel return coming off the fuel pressure regulator. This has pressented us with a big challenge.

We have determined that it's going to take a few machined fittings and brackets along with a host of XRP fittings to make our RMR intake a 30min. bolt-on, all while making our install look factory clean. Also we have a few tricks for our manifold we are tig welding 3 provisions right on the included RMR fuel rail.

1. for a fuel pressure gauge

2. for a much needed shrader valve

3. for a electronic fuel pressure gauge sensor for our fuel pressure guage.



In the above pics you can see the fuel pressure guage on the fuel rail it's just sitting there for now it will be tig welded to the rail along with the shrader valve and the fuel pressure sensor for the inside fuel pressure guage.

One last thing if you are looking to buy this intake DO NOT DELAY!!! RMR is selling off what they have in stock and no more will be produced. One week ago there were ten large port intakes left.


We ordered our aluminum material this past weekend and it is scheduled for delivery the 16th tomarrow. We are ready to complete and finish our intake install.


7-27-10 We liked this intake so much we ordered another one.

We are now in the process of fabricating a bracket/vacuum manifold for our RMR intake installation. This is one trick bracket made out of 6061 billet aluminum. This bracket will have 4an and 8an fittings tig welded on to it. It is the center piece of making our install a breeze.  Alot of CNC mill and lathe work done. We will have pics up very soon within the next couple of days.

Stay tuned


Progress is slow but we are getting closer to finishing despite a few draw backs. Here are pics of the bracket/manifold. The manifold has changed a bit we need 2 more port holes drilled one supply and one outlet. Also this is just a protoype as we will build another one and use this one till we get the design down with this one. Also the size of the aluminum material will problably change a bit also. One last thing we will be enlarging the vacuum manifold port header diameter to 3/8 from 1/4 so there will be a total of 5 fittings tig welded to the bracket 2 supply and 3 outlets.  


Notice the CNC machine work on the right side it was traced from the engine bracket shape scanned into the CNC software where we generated the Gcode from it. It was cool watching the CNC machine cut it out.


Here the single flanged vacuum port is shown on the middle of the bracket, at the far left the recessed bolt hole that holds the aluminum bracket to the engine block bracket. We are using all the factory hardware possible.


Here we have the vacuum port that connects all the vacuum ports together (the header port) it will be welded up after we weld all the fittings on. This is the port that we will be enlarging to 3/8" from 1/4".


Here are additional pics of the install. In these pics you can see how the install is coming along and taking on what will be it's final look. Still can't decide which side the Eurospec FPR will be located on. You can also see the where the FPG will sit on the fuel rail and also the Shrader valve (not yet welded), we still need to decide where the in-cab FPG pressure sensor fitting will be tig welded to or at. On the right side of our manifold are the vacuum ports. We changed the brass fittings that came with our manifold to XRP o-ring port fittings. These make the install look much cleaner and provide a professional installed look, and not only do they look good but the best thing about them is the ease of disassembly no hose clamps to deal with just an aluminum AN wrench is used to keep from marring up the high dollar XRP Ti-Tech fittings when pulling them off and on. You can also see that we still need to use a port contour tool to seat the o-ring in the aluminum flange on the manifold, the fittings need to sit almost flush against the aluminum flange. There is still allot to do and we could still possibly shift the final assembly but we think we are finally on the right track.

 Also all or most of our fittings are XRP. We like XRP because of their high flow capabilities and great looks.



It's late in the day now but one last thing the throttle body hose which you can see in the above pics will need to be moved or cut and lengthened with aluminum tubing to fit or something, looks like we will need to go ahead and purchase an APR front mount intercooler for our GTI to make the install easier. We pulled on the hose to see if it will go on by stretching it on to the throttle body and we can get it there but it will not stay. We were planning on installing an APR front mount intercooler at a later date but looks like the time has come. It will make the install easier because we will need to pull the bumper off to install it so we will be able to adjust the hoses where we need them to fit the throttle body.

Stay tuned


Progress is slow but we are getting there. We came to a stand still when it came time to figure out the sensor mounting for the inside Fuel Pressure Gauge (FPG). We think we have it figured out, now we need to find the time to machine the aluminum part to mount the sensor. One more thing our bracket /vacuum manifold has undergone one few changes. We will be utilising dual vacuum taps, a 1/2" header port,an extension for one XRP fitting and another outlet tap for the FPR. Pics coming.   


Update, we are progressing slowly after we ordered the material needed for the FPG sensor mount. We ordered square aluminum stock and received round stock. We ordered our material off ebay, 95% of the time it's right and arrives in good condition but that 5% it's wrong or damaged. What a disappointment when we opened the package and the aluminum was round and not square, the dimensions were right but we immediately new they screwed up. As you can see their mistake is costing us lots of time.


It's taking us a while been busy with other projects but this intake manifold is almost done and it's coming along flat out awesome. This is the way VW should have done it. Pics and more info coming.  


We CNC machined our Evolution tuning spacer. Here are the pics it won't be long now although we still need to tig weld a few things.

After modifying the G-code our second port is doing good.
This is the second port we do and everthing looks great!
Drinking a beer and watching the CNC mill go.
Here's a look at our Mach 3 software screen.
I believe this is the last port we do.
Done!!! See how precise this is.
Just what we wanted.
This is what it looks like before machining.
After machining.
Another view of the work.
This pic shows how precise our spacer came out. the gasket is a lil bigger than the spacer.
Looking good.
Our 337 will be up and running very soon.

09-24-13 We finally got our GTI running. We had to go back and redo some of the tig welds. We also used an XRP fitting to connect our FPR to the rail and that brought on more work. For one we had to mill our end cap  to get the FPR as close to the rail as possible to eliminate vibration. When we did this the fuel sending unit could not be tightened because the FPR was to close to it. So we cut it off and retigged another piece of aluminum that went further out. We also decided to move the FP sending unit out to the fire wall to eliminate vibration to it. As of right now it is plugged with and XRP plug barely visible till we machine another piece of aluminum for our FPsending unit. For those with a sharp eye we have a few loose ends we have to take care of like our catch can set up. We also just ordered and APR intercooler.