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1990 Corrado G60 write up


We are sad to announce that project beater will no longer continue. From the beginning it took off very fast and with allot of determination which quickly lost steam mainly due the fact that the body was just to far gone. After the clutch let go we moved on to other easier and quicker projects. We did learn allot from the little green corrado but it's time to move on.  Now a year later things have changed and we will be pulling the engine and trans to go into another Corrado thats in better shape and that will be daily driven.

Now for the good news, we have a new restoration project. This is also a 1990 Corrado G60 but is tornado red and with a very resortable body. Please follow along for the build up. 


Chronological Buildup of our Daily Driver 1990 Corrado G60 write up Part 1

Update 01-19-12           Project Beater Part 2

We still have project beater, our little green corrado. Originally we purchased this corrado for a swap into a MK2 16V GTI. Well after the clutch let go and we parked it for this purpose another corrado came along green also. This second corrado is in even worse shape than PB. In fact we purchased it for it's drivetrain only as the seller runs a mechanic shop and didn't have the title. So we purchased and saved PB for a little while longer as soon as we find a good body to swap PB's drivetrain into.

Update 01-19-12

Lets quickly go over whats been done to PB's drivetrain to where it is now with a bad clutch.

We replaced various items to make it reliable and faster.

Not one component did it all alone. Every part helped. There were key components that worked after other items were installed like the chip, when replaced power was immediately noticed to increase. At this time the clutch will be replace very soon and so will the suspension.  Details coming.                                                                                                            


It's been a while but here we are with our DD beater.

I love the torque of the G60 just did a new stg3. clutch complete with LW flywheel. We also installed a Weitec cup kit feels good and firm and replaced the trans mount and the rear engine mount. Quick review The corrado has a rebuilt but not ported Gladder, 68mm pulley, BBM stg3 chip, RSR outlet, 3.5 FPR, BBM intake, Neuspeed wires, with new plugs,cap,rotor and ign. coil. New fuel pump. 150 Compression all 4 cyls. Car runs great can't keep the front wheels from spinning in 1st gear. We do have a few more bolt ons to go before we bolt on one of our lysholm superchargers. Will need to get good air fuel ratios (LM-2) before we run it thru the 1/4 mile. 

Items needed

2.25 TT stainless steel exhaust w/borla

Gruven crank pulley

Cam and aluminum gear

Bigger FM intercooler

and a tuned SNS chip

 So far car feels very strong but at the top of 2nd it feels like the power band gets a little flat then picks up again.



Have been driving the car to work and back and around town, we don't want to push it too much till we get an LM-2 and see how safe our air/fuel ratio is. We have noticed at around 3-4K RPM there is a hesitation or maybe a flat spot momentarily and then it picks up again it's very slight. We don't have an ISV re-route on the car yet we think it may be the ISV opening and closing trying to control boost. We have a long way to go we will be uprading to a billet aluminum fuel rail and adjustable FPR to better tune the car with the help of the LM-2. Once we get the right combo this car will be very quick in the 1/4mile. We are thinking mid 13"s without the valve cover ever been removed. Once we plateau here wherever it may be we will move on to the last step of our build this will be the limits of the digifant 1 factory engine management. This last step will be cam, rebuilding and porting the head, port the intake along with a header and take it back out to the track.

Latest Pics



Nothing new we continue to break in our stg.3 clutch. With the 68mm supercharger pulley we are boosting a max of 9 PSI with the above mods. The main concerns we have thats keeping our horsepower down are

1. Tuning-- the digifant 1 factory engine management tuning is only good for a completely stock vehicle. Need a LM-2

2. Intercooler-- These vehicles got a very small side mounted and heat soak prone intercooler. At least they have one!

3. We will need additional equipment before we do a full throttle 1/4 mile run. A tuning means and ability to monitor air/fuel with adjustable FPR and again a LM-2

4. Putting the car on a diet would also help we are in the hunt for a good used carbon fiber hood or a new one if need be. We have already lowered the Corrado for better aerodynamics.

5. A reliable supercharger for the elevated boost needed to achive higher horsepower. We like the quiet factory Gladder and with todays technology the aftermarket upgrades for it to make it more reliable and powerful, but we already have a screw type charger ready to bolt on as soon as we have a reliable means of tuning so we wont run the car lean and damage our engine.

We will take our Corrado G60 as far as we can and see where this 80's technology ends up doing in the 1/4 mile.


We continue to drive our Corrado daily and as we get used to it and drive it more and more there are a few things that we would like to change. First off the trans gearing, 1st gear is useless no sooner than we pull out the clutch pedal we are out of 1st gear car revs that quick. We will be going to a slightly taller tire just to help us out a bit. Also we will need to install our 2.25 mandrel bent SS TT exhaust with high flow cat. At the moment we still have the suitcase muffler and a very small diameter pipe. The bigger exhaust will hopefully help move the torque curve a little higher in the RPM band. The car is still a pleasure to drive it accelerates and cruises effortlessly on or off boost feels nice and stong.  

After learning the car some more we would like VR6 trans gearing, and test pipe provision to delete the cat, a FP guage also as mentioned before we will put our Corrado on a diet. With all the mods to go this car is easily a 13sec 1/4 mile car.  


Bad news we were having so much fun in the G60 that I did 2 full throttle runs to 3rd gear and found out the car was running lean with a 68mm pulley. Max boost is 9lbs. I noticed my boost gauge was indicating a loss of vacuum about 4"s of mercury or water whatever it is. I was pulling down 24 now it only pulls down 20. So I did a compression test #1 cyl. shows 138psi it was 150psi. All other cyls. are 150psi. my set up is 3.5FPR. no ISV reroute, 68mm pulley, no cam, BBM stg.3 chip, RSR charger outlet. Nothing wild have a new fuel pump did a tune up timing 6deg BTDC. Disappointed in the chip tuners by not supplying more info on how to prevent running the car lean. Next will be a rising rate FPR and a BBM fuel rail. Maybe bigger injectors. Not getting any detonation at all. Not sure what happened maybe the compression ring was compromised a bit I'm thinking if I drive the car enough the rings might start to seat off and restore compression.