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Corrado G60 Aluminum Coolant Flanges


Front of Cylinder Head flange


Side of Cylinder Head flange

These are the two coolant flanges that will be avaliable in Billet Aluminum. I have personally been left stranded on the side of the road when my G60 lost all coolant due to the plastic flange cracking. About a week later the head gasket went, don't know if it was related or not. We are also doing the front flange with the two coolant sensors to go with our newly redesigned water necks. This will be the last flanges your G60 will ever need and give a little piece of mind when driving in the hot Texas summer or anywhere in the world.
Here are the first pics of the new prototype we designed. More coming. Bullet proof your G60's cooling and drive with confidence.


Pics are side ways taken with my I-Phone but you can clearly see the flange and the nipple will be tig welded to the back side. This flange is the one on the side of the G60 Cyl. head. The front one will be made also.
These are CNC cut to precise tolerances and the double O-rings fit precisely the fit is very nice. Yes double O-rings for a better seal.   


Here is the completed water flange next to the 3rd Gen. water neck. These came out so nice in the pic they look dirty due to the welding process but it can be polished up to look very very nice. More pics coming.